Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Was giving eighteen-year-olds the right to vote a mistake?

When our tennis star sania mizra achieved her first title her age was 17 years, the computer genius Ankit Fadia, wrote the first book “unofficial guide to ethical hacking” at the age of 16. The above two are just the examples of the intelligence and the strength which mostof the people,who are less than 18 have.

If sania mizra can achieve a title at the age of 17, and make our country pride global, why is she not allowed to vote? The right to vote is to be given to a human according to the maturity of the human. And this maturity varies from one place to other. One who is below 18, if he is brought up in city he will be well matured than one who is above 18, and brought up in a rural area.

There is no denying fact that the human intelligence has grown leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Hence there is an every possibility to have better politicians rule them.
If a thirteen year old can discuss politics, an eighteen year old should be capable enough to take a decision on politics. In the Indian context, when higher aged group people get carried away by the oratory skills of present day politicians, it would be no wonder if youth also follow the same track. But with education taking over major part of people’s time, and with youth being the major audience to whom education is imparted, if they are given the right to vote, there is a definite scope for making these politicians bow down to the power of ‘vote’, and stopping them from misleading people in the name of baseless issues like religion etc.

It would be advisable to explore the possibility of reducing the age required for getting elected to the government as well, as it would pump in fresh blood and fresh thinking, giving way to fresher and newer ideas, for the betterment of people. Time stands testimony to the fact that young individuals have been a decisive part in any movement or struggle or nation building. So denying them a chance to vote and a chance to rule would be like compromising with the growth of a nation.

To get political success, the major chunk of any politician vote bank calculations would be youth. So in today’s scenario if young individuals are given a chance to vote, they can certainly make a big difference in selection of leaders, if they get a correct picture of them before they go to vote. There is less chance of youth getting carried away by the false expectations built up by unrelenting politicians, in their quest for power, because youth very well understand the future course of action of that kind of politicians, which is not more than grabbing a quick buck, and depleting government resources built up by inputs from the very people who vote. In the present day context a country can be rest assured of its future, if people from an early age of eighteen, are given a right to vote.


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